Allen Lawnmowers

Allen Lawnmowers is now a subsidiary of Hayter Limited. Acquired on 19th January 2007, Hayter wanted to compliment their existing product range with a selection of Allen hover lawnmowers.

Being lightweight and durable, Allen Lawnmowers are ideally suited for grassed areas with banks that a conventional mower could not handle.

Allen currently offer three models of hover mower, the 446 Hovertrim, the 450 Professional and the XR44.

Allen hover mowers get their power from Honda engines, specifically designed for the requirements of a hover mower: strength, durability and most importantly the flexibility to work on difficult banks and slopes.

The engine is connected to a lower impellor which draws in air through the top of the mower deck and forces it along the surface of the underside of the deck moving it in a circular motion.

In addition the circulating air stream allows each grass cutting to be re-cut many times before the air stream forces them back into the turf. The hover mower glides easily on a cushion of air, allowing movement in any direction, much quicker than conventional wheeled machines.

The Hovertrim 446 features a flexible deck for slopes up to 45 degrees, a 46cm cutting width, and transport wheels making it easier to manoeuver. If you require a larger cutting width, the Allen Professional should fit the bill, with a cutting width of 51cm, powered by a 4-stroke Honda GCV160 engine it gets the job done quicker.

For a lighter weight option, you should consider the Allen XR44, with a reduced cutting width of 40cm, but providing a more manoeuverable base.

Lawnmower Comparison Chart

ModelWeight (kg)Capacity (ltr)Width (cm)Power (hp/w/v)Cost (£)
Hovertrim17.60464.5hp N/A
Professional190515.5hp N/A
XR44130402.5hp N/A



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