Atco ADMIRAL 16SE Specification

Admiral 16se
  • Average Rating: 2.5 stars
  • Manufacturer: Atco
  • Model: Admiral 16SE
  • Suitable For: > 30ft Lawns
  • Type: Petrol
  • Design: Rotary
  • Weight: 30kg
  • Grassbox Capacity: 43litres
  • Cut Width: 40cm
  • Power: 5hp
  • Self Propelled: Yes
  • Best Price: £ N/A
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Atco ADMIRAL 16SE Description

The Atco Admiral 16SE is almost identical to the Admiral 16S version, apart from featuring an electric key driven starting system, as opposed to a recoil, making it easier to get going.

The powerful 5hp Briggs and Stratton engine runs on unleaded petrol and makes mince meat out of the longest of grass, effortlessly slashing with its hardened steel blade. Together with the integrated rear roller, the Atco Admiral 16SE can produce a beautiful striped lawn.

Atco have developed three separate models of the Admiral, the 16, 16S and 16SE, giving you the option of a push or self propelled model with both key or recoil starting systems. The Atco Admiral 16SE is a self-propelled lawnmower, with a electric starting mechanism.

The height of cut is easily adjustable between 1cm and 6cm, by turning a single knob which raises and lowers the deck. When you've finished mowing the handles fold away neatly allowing for easy storage.

With a large 40cm cutting width, the Atco Admiral 16SE is ideal for medium or large sized lawns, and can easily deal with an uneven garden. Being petrol powered, there's no worry about getting tangled up in electrical cable either!

Petrol Rotary Comparison Chart

ModelWeight (kg)Capacity (ltr)Width (cm)Power (hp/w/v)Cost (£)
Admiral 162543405hp N/A
Admiral 16S2743405hp N/A
Admiral 16SE3043405hp N/A
Harrier 4133.453415hp N/A
Harrier 4846.570485hp N/A
Harrier 5649.570565.5hp N/A
Hayterette330464.5hp N/A
LC4002040403.5hp N/A
LC400PD2240403.5hp N/A
Motif 413150413.5hp N/A
Motif 4831.859483.5hp N/A
Motif 533659536hp N/A
Quicksilver 40S2550403.5hp N/A
Quicksilver 46S2550463.5hp N/A
Quicksilver 46SD27.750464hp N/A
Quicksilver 46SDR2850464hp N/A
Quicksilver 5145HW4160514.5hp N/A
Quicksilver 5160HW4360516hp N/A
Ranger 4133.553415hp N/A
Ranger 4834.558485hp N/A
Ranger 533660535hp N/A
Viscount 193360485hp N/A
Viscount 19SE3660485hp N/A

Atco ADMIRAL 16SE User Reviews

23 April 2012

1 stars

Very difficult to maneuver. Rubbish turning circle especially when in self propelling mode.

By Andrew

25 March 2012

2 stars

the atco admiral 16 petrol manual mower is an excellent all rounder, but is let down by its plastic deck which is fixed to the rear plastic roller by a flimsy small screw fixed either side into the plastic deck. This is a weak point & when it breaks it costs £150 to repair as a new deck is required. This has happened to me on 2 machines now so wouldn't buy again. Its a shame because other than that, it provides a great cut low or high and great stripes. Fabulous reliable briggs & stratton engine. If this model had a cast alloy deck & sturdy cast alloy fixings to the roller it would be a real winner.

By J Mellor

14 December 2011

1 stars

I garden for a living and the Atco Admiral I used to own was the worst mower of its type I ever had. The reason is that because of the 1 piece body construction, (described as polymer, which is just a posh word for plastic), a great strain is put on the bottom of the height adjuster mechanism. You cannot help the odd knock and scrape when mowing, so sooner or later, a tear appears round the bottom of the height adjuster, starting at the back of it and working its' way round to the front. I have seen many examples of this on Ebay. There is one other basic fault and that is a weak point where the rear roller attaches to the body, although mine never had that trouble. I'd give this mower a zero rating if there was a chance. I bought a Hayter Hawk which is much better in every respect.

By Chris

10 August 2010

5 stars

I changed to the Atco Admiral 16SE as I required a self propelled Mower to replace an old Flymo which was proving to be a little difficult to push around (I have recently had 4 x Heart Bypass) I actually purchased the mower in August 2008 but only began to use it 2/3 months ago - it is a delight to use - it has always started within one or two pulls on the cord pull or if battery is charged it starts easily using the key start - as for cutting and stability I can say it is truly remarkable and safe - I give it top rating without hesitation

By Tony Vine

19 May 2010

4 stars

my next door neighbour gave me his atco as the knob that raises and lowers the cutting height had broken. Having seen how much these mowers cost new, I am going to attempt to fix it and see if it is worth the money.

By Martin Holding

25 April 2009

2 stars

Bought one of these to replace a flymo venturer turbo 4.5hp i wish i had not bothered,the grassbox is ill fitting and grass blows out the top (I fitted draught excluder strip to the sides to stop it) there is no grass box full indication and the machine is not very stable because the rear roller is not very wide and on a lawn that is not perfectly flat it rocks about, this machine is not a patch on my 15 year old flymo the only thing it beats it on is the electric start!

By David Raine

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