Bosch ROTAK 43 Specification

Rotak 43
  • Average Rating: 4.5 stars
  • Manufacturer: Bosch
  • Model: Rotak 43
  • Suitable For: 15ft - 30ft Lawns
  • Type: Electric
  • Design: Rotary
  • Weight: 13.5kg
  • Grassbox Capacity: 50litres
  • Cut Width: 43cm
  • Power: 1700watts
  • Self Propelled: No
  • Best Price: £179.99
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Bosch ROTAK 43 Description

The Rotak 43 is Bosch's largest electric rotary lawnmower available on the market today, with a 43cm cutting width it cuts more grass in one pass, getting the job done quicker and making it more suitable to tackle larger lawns.

Almost identical to the Rotak 40, apart from the 3cm increased cutting width, the Bosch Rotak 43 features a powerful 1700 watt Bosch Powerdrive motor, which can cut through the longest of grass.

The cutting height has 10 settings, adjustable from 2cm to 7cm, giving you the flexibility to just trim your lawn for a first cut, or maintain a much shorter length over time.

The grass box is also larger than the Rotak 34, 36 and 37 models, now holding up to 50 litres of grass, further minimising emptying trips. The extra benefits gained from the Bosch Rotak 43 surprisingly don't have such a big impact on its weight. Still extremely light for it's class, at 13.5kg.

Although the Rotak 43 is equipped with a wide cutting blade, it's not perfectly suited to the largest of lawns due to its requirement to be connected to a power source with a cable. If you have a particularly large lawn, you should opt for a petrol, or perhaps battery alternative, rather than risk running out of cable reach.

Again, as with all Bosch Rotak models, innovative grass combs are featured on the 43 model, making it much easier to cut grass right to the edge of the lawn.

Bosch ROTAK 43 Video Review

Electric Rotary Comparison Chart

ModelWeight (kg)Capacity (ltr)Width (cm)Power (hp/w/v)Cost (£)
Easi Trak 3207.428321000w N/A
Easimo9.52932900w N/A
Envoy2239361400w N/A
Pac a mow13.829331000w N/A
Power Trak 341240341200w N/A
Power Trak 34001240341200w N/A
Power Trak 40012.650401700w N/A
Roller Compact 34013.528341500w N/A
Roller Compact 340015.128341500w N/A
Roller Compact 40015.336401600w N/A
Roller Compact 400015.933401600w N/A
Rollermo9.529321000w N/A
Rotak 326.631321200w N/A
Rotak 320721321000w N/A
Rotak 341140341400w129.99
Rotak 34 Ergoflex10.540341400w N/A
Rotak 3611.240361400w N/A
Rotak 37li13.9403736v N/A
Rotak 4013.250401700w N/A
Rotak 4313.550431700w179.99
Rotak 43li14.7504336v N/A
Spirit 413055411500w N/A
Visimo9.529321200w N/A

Bosch ROTAK 43 User Reviews

15 August 2013

4 stars

Very easy to use. Glad for the extra battery, makes the a great deal for me. Excellent product if somewhat expensive, but I guess this is always the case with new technology. I would expect the price to come down once competitors introduced cordless.

By Coolsharksrule

22 September 2011

5 stars

First time user of electrical machine, lawn looked like a n overrun cow pasture, cut it beautifully . Light to manage, bit fiddly to set up initially, but now thats done will be smooth sailing. Can't wait for grass to grow.

By Rosalind Williams

9 July 2011

5 stars

I'm not sure if it is the same model, as mine looks slightly different from the one in the photo above, but I bought a Bosch Rotak 43 ErgoFlex for £134 in B&Q today; I have a large garden, which I've just had turfed a few weeks ago.
It was fiddly to assemble, the holes on one side didn't align without pushing down on the machine, and I couldn't get the screw in and apply the necessary force without a third hand, this would have been much easier if I had had someone to help. In the end I managed it. Then I struggled with attaching the handle, until I figured out how to do it, more detailed instructions would have helped.

I did manage to use it, and was very happy with the result, it was very easy to use and did the job quickly. The grass box is very easy to put on and take off, overall I feel this is a great mower for the money.

By S. Stone

24 April 2011

2 stars

These mowers perfomr and cut well, but have a problem with the electrical connection after a while which is very disappointing.

By S MAyne

19 September 2010

5 stars

Just bougth this mower having persevered with a Flymo hover for years. The Bosch is fabulous - cuts well, collects the grass brilliantly without over-blow. When I walked on the lawn afterwards there was no surplus grass cuttings on the surface. I wish I'd bought it years ago.

By Peter S

22 August 2009

5 stars

Fabulous mower...even over long grass much better than our old wheeled flymo and it picks up all the grass.

By Richard

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