Flymo HOVER VAC Specification

Hover Vac
  • Average Rating: 1.5 stars
  • Manufacturer: Flymo
  • Model: Hover Vac
  • Suitable For: < 15ft Lawns
  • Type: Electric
  • Design: Hover
  • Weight: 6.5kg
  • Grassbox Capacity: 15litres
  • Cut Width: 28cm
  • Power: 900watts
  • Self Propelled: No
  • Best Price: £ N/A
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Flymo HOVER VAC Description

The Flymo Hover Vac is one of the most compact and lightweight lawnmowers available from Flymo, weighing just 6.5kg it's easy to manoeuvre, lift and carry around the garden.

An efficient 900 watt electric motor makes the Flymo Hover Vac suitable for small, flat gardens. The plastic blade has the advantage of keeping the overall weight down, but doesn't cut grass as well as a metal alternative.

Grass collection is possible on the Hover Vac. As you would expect from Flymo, the rear mounted 15 litre grass box has been designed with practicallity in mind. It's easy to remove, empty and reattach.

In addition, the Flymo Hover Vac includes adjustable cutting heights, two are selectable, 1cm and 3.3cm, giving some control over the length of the finish.

A 10 metre cable length easily provides sufficient reach for most small gardens.

In summary, the Flymo Hover Vac is a low-range budget lawnmower, low power and great manoeuvrability makes it suitable for small sized lawns. If you've got a larger lawn, don't try to save money by investing in a Flymo Hover Vac, it simply wont be sufficient for your needs.

Electric Hover Comparison Chart

ModelWeight (kg)Capacity (ltr)Width (cm)Power (hp/w/v)Cost (£)
Hover Compact 3007.620301400w N/A
Hover Vac6.51528900w N/A
Micro Lite4.50281000w N/A
Mow n Vac6.51528900w N/A
Turbo 4007.50401500w119.00
Turbo Compact 33011.530331500w N/A
Turbo Lite 3306.50331150w109.00
Turbo Lite 3507.50351400w N/A
Vision Compact 33011.730331500w N/A
Vision Compact 35011.730351550w N/A
Vision Compact 3801340381700w N/A

Flymo HOVER VAC User Reviews

2 June 2013

1 stars

Dreadful.underpowered ,hover part gets blocked up instantly,collection box and lid without a hinge falls off constantly.Orange screws on handles work loose.Does not work unless grass short already!!One tiny plastic wheel mens it gets stuck easily and it spews grass all over the place.Plastic cutting blade is tiny and useless.

By Steven Hearne

18 May 2013

1 stars

I absolutely hate this pile of crap!! Flymo and the donkeys that designed it should be ashamed of themselves. I feel totally duped into paying money for something that in the end will clog up landfill sites. I tried cutting a 6 x 8 lawn today and gave up. Bought it not long ago and it's now in the bin !!

By Simon

13 August 2012

1 stars

Funny how Flymo haven't responded to any of the comments about this absolute pile of crap they call a mower.

By Dave

10 August 2012

1 stars

As with other reviews, utterly useless as a mower, plastic "blades" constantly fly out and plastic where they clip is now breaking. Emailed Flymo (politley) and got a snotty legal email back so returned to retailer and bought a Bosch - much better. Avoid mower at all costs! I will be avoiding Flymo products from now on....

By Richard

13 June 2012

1 stars

We purchased this waste of space last May and considering the awful weather over winter and spring, we reckon it was used only 15 times (our grass patch measures only approx 12 sq yards!) before breaking down, unfortunately 2 weeks out of the guarantee period.Like other users, the on/off switch ceased to operate and my husband had to run in and out of the house to do this at the main socket. I considered this a safety hazard and informed Flymo of my concerns, not to mention our disappointment re having to replace it! True to previous form, they couldn't care less. Their customer services amount to nil. I also wish I had taken the time to research further before shelling out on this piece of useless and dangerous equipment and now intend to inform B and Q, who may perhaps be more willing to address the safety issue. Would be happy never to buy from Flymo ever again and would never recommend them to anyone.

By Audrey Tees

28 May 2012

1 stars

It says it 'is like a vacuum cleaner for your lawn'. In the sense that a vacuum cleaner doesn't cut grass, they're right. It doesn't hover, and the cutting plate has broken after two uses. Was going to get a spare part but will cut my losses and throw it away.

By Nigel

25 May 2012

1 stars

put new moter in after old one burnt out still no better wont vac

By Robert Riley

15 May 2012

1 stars

Does not cut grass very well unless it is quite short anyway and unless your lawn is perfectly flat it is useless as it just gets stuck. I also go through about 3 replacement blades per mow as they almost fall out in their own they are so poorly designed. I used to quite like mowing the grass until I got this mower. Just horrible!

By Richard

9 May 2012

1 stars

Do not buy one of these mowers. I paid £15 for mine on gumtree.A complete waste of time.Flymo you should be ashamed of yourselves.

By Stewart

6 May 2012

1 stars

Wish I had come across this site before I bought one. It's absolute garbage. I am so fed up with it I contacted flymo twice asking them to buy it back off me and all they said was to brush the lawn and clear off any debris to aviod damage and if I still wasn't satisfied to take it back where I bought it from because it was their problem. Good customer service eh?

By Ian

1 May 2012

1 stars

Would certainly give it ZERO STARS if I could. I agree with all the other rubbish reviews! Impossible to pull it back without it rearing up like a horse! Manoeverable, most certainly not! Made unsightly marks in my immaculate lawn where it did its awful party trick. Most certainly total garbage! Got rid of it quick, after a battle. Buy at your peril!!

By Paul

28 March 2012

1 stars

Awful! So poorly designed and weighted you can't pull it backwards without it flipping up and emptying the grassbox everywhere.
I must confess that it did cut quite well (Much to my surprise) but definitely takes two passes to do so. I don't think I will be keeping it long though.....

By John W

23 March 2012

1 stars

Agree with all the other reviews ,absolute rubbish .After a few uses motor would not go off after I let go of handle,had to put off at mains.Great if you like spending an hour mowing a 3x4 patch of grass.Don`t buy!!

By Judy Lowe

22 September 2011

1 stars

I am with one star folk, a total waste of money. The folk at flymo should be ashamed of this excuse of a product and they should recall it and refund the folk who wasted good money on it.

By Malcolm Handford

28 August 2011

1 stars

It works just fine if lawn has just been cut by a proper lawnmower, but don't wait more then 15 min.

By Hugh

16 June 2011

1 stars

If I could rate this pile of ****zero stars I would! Atrocious, ineffective, cumbersome are some polite words to describe it! Just took the better part of 40 minutes to cut my 4x4m lawn. Would've been quicker I think cutting the grass with a pair of scissors!

It doesn't hover. The grass collection is ok, so long as you make NO attempt to pull the 'hover' mower back, else it simply digs in the grass. Wouldn't even pay £6 for it, let along £60!

I was going to attempt taking it back to B&Q, but upon reading the other comments, I might just leave it outside my house for some other unsuspecting idiot to take it away and cut my losses...

0/5. Avoid like the plague!

By Jason

13 May 2011

1 stars

Wish i had read these reviews first. Absolutely terrible.
Got a 3x5 metre lawn. on highest setting it blows the grass flat. on the lowest setting, it rips the grass. Once i have reseeded where it has dug in , i will throw it away, This thing is nothing like the flymo compacts of old

By Steve

4 May 2011

5 stars

Have had no problems. Have a small bumpy lawn and it cuts great, very light, easy to maneuver, easy to change height settings, can't complain and would definately buy again. Have had it over-heat once when tried to cut grass that was way too long - but to be fair most mowers wouldn't have coped with the length. Other than that, faultless.

By Leah

30 April 2011

1 stars

left the lawn looking patchy and keeps cutting out. lawn currently half finished. por excuse for a mower.

By Nick E

14 April 2011

1 stars

What a load of rubbish this mower is. Wish I'd seen all these reviews before I bought it. Does not cut well and plastic blades are crap and I might as well pick up the grass myself.

By Elizabeth

12 April 2011

1 stars

How the hell they could make should a totaly useless mower begger's and unstanding of the words hover mower.

By Doug

9 April 2011

1 stars

Nasty piece of junk. Dose not do what is says on the box. Best place for it is the recycing tip.

By John

6 April 2011

1 stars

Avoid at all cost. Absolute RUBBISH.

By Michael

26 March 2011

1 stars

Spectacularly useless piece of machinery.

How Flymo could release this to market is beyond me. On it's lowest setting it gets stuck on the slightest bump or incline and digs itself in. On the highest setting it blows the grass flat and does not cut it.


By Al

9 August 2010

1 stars

Agree, awful thing, no power, hard to handle, doesnt like cutting anything too long. Took ages to cut my lawn which is only 6m x 3m

Went back to the metal bladed Black and Decker with the awful motor whine I had replaced with it instead, cut the lawn in 5 mins

By Rich

8 August 2010

1 stars

Absolutely awful. Blades fly out at the merest himt of anything remotely uneven and then it starts making a dreadful din !!! Will never buy another one again.

By Joe

8 July 2010

1 stars

Doesn't mow well, doesn't vac well, heavy, then the motor burnt out. Heap of ****

By Tony

4 July 2010

3 stars

Just bought one at a Boot Sale for £8.00.
as new.
It does what I expected it to do. Not brilliant but ok.

By Andy George

21 June 2010

1 stars

I agree with the majority of the above reviews. This is the worst excuse for a mower I have ever come across.
I have two previous Flymo petrol mowers which do the job admirably. I purchased the Flymo Hovervac for my daughter as a gift for her small lawn, she told me that it didn't work very well and when I tried it I was shocked at the extremly poor performance of this item. It does not hover well and its cutting ability is dreadful. B&Q don't want to know, refering me to Flymo, I have written to Flymo twice and have had no response. Buyer beware!

By Blackgun

31 May 2010

1 stars

Dreadful mower. Hard work to use, doesn't pick up well, doesn't cut well, Used mine twice- getting rid of it now

By John

12 May 2010

4 stars

Perfectly fine for a small lawn. No need to rake grass up which is a big plus.
I did burn my first one out by mowing a lawn that was too big for it but that was my fault not the mowers.
Have now purchased my second and was happy to do so.
Warning - Do not confuse the Hover Vac with the Mow and Vac. The Mow and Vac is one handled and a nightmare to manouvre

By Lynne

15 April 2010

4 stars

It isn't amazing but then it was the cheapest I could find with a grass collector. I have a really bumpy lawn so I used the longer grass setting and it worked perfectly. It did struggle with the longer grass, but I simply went back over it a few times.

No issues with the grass collector falling off. I did pull it backwards when it was switch off and the top came undone. If you have small flat garden, this hover vac is wonderful.

I have a bumpy 25 x 5 meter back garden and 5 x 5 meter front lawn and only emptied when I had finished. 8 out of 10

By Kevin

12 April 2010

1 stars

Rubbish. Just doesn't cut well and tends to flatten the grass. I gave up on the first go and left it outside the house for someone else to pick up.

By Anonymous

16 February 2010

1 stars

Complete rubbish. Waste of £50 for a small lawn mower. Better to buy a second hand mower for the price. Badly weighted so would dig in to the grass and leave a mark, blades are small and ineffective on short grass.

By Adrian

29 August 2009

1 stars

Agree with the 'bad' reviews. Takes me half an hour to cut a 4m x 4m garden - its worse than hoovering the house!! Plastic blades are crap to say the least!

By Andrew

31 July 2009

5 stars

MARTIN IS TALKING RUBBISH. Small mower for small lawns. If it doesnt work on long grass you should cut it more often. And it is adjustable. 10 out of 10

By Ant Hill

10 July 2009

2 stars

I found it generally cut ok, but shock, after I had used it about six times the motor started to burn out. It suddenly changed sound and a stopped hovering. If only I'd read these reviews first :-(

By Bill

27 May 2009

1 stars

Fully agree with earlier comments - This mower is very bad - Do not buy one waste of money!

By Scott

14 April 2009

1 stars

Doesn't hover, doesn't cut, doesn't collect grass. Throws debris all over the place. Cannot manoeuvre. Gets stuck. Poor.

By Stephen

10 November 2008

1 stars

Agree with Martin. A truly awful mower. It doesn`t cut or vac, just flattens the grass.

By Alec

26 September 2008

1 stars

A horrible little mower, struggles on anything but short grass.

By Martin

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