Flymo QUICKSILVER 46S Specification

Quicksilver 46s
  • Average Rating: 3 stars
  • Manufacturer: Flymo
  • Model: Quicksilver 46S
  • Suitable For: > 30ft Lawns
  • Type: Petrol
  • Design: Rotary
  • Weight: 25kg
  • Grassbox Capacity: 50litres
  • Cut Width: 46cm
  • Power: 3.5hp
  • Self Propelled: Yes
  • Best Price: £ N/A
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Flymo QUICKSILVER 46S Description

The push driven Flymo Quicksilver 46S is the larger version of the 40S, featuring a wider cutting width of 46cm.

A powerful 3.5hp Briggs & Stratton petrol engine delivers 2600 watts at maximum RPM, allowing the Quicksilver 46S to easily handle the thickest of grass. Cordless usage is obviously a further advantage of the petrol engine, giving the operator the freedom to roam without getting tangled up in electrical cable.

The Flymo Quicksilver 46S is also easy to store, the folding handles save space around your garden shed. In addition, the handles have a soft grip material improving the comfort of the operator.

Whether you require a short cut, or want to leave some length on your lawn, the Flymo Quicksilver 46S should deliver, featuring an adjustable cutting height of 2.5cm to 7cm, available in 5 steps.

The large 50 litre grass box featured on the Quicksilver 46S saves time by reducing emptying trips. In addition, as with all Flymo models, practicality has been considered throughout the design, making it easy to detach, empty and refit in seconds.

Ball bearings are fitted in the wheels which reduce friction when pushing, to help make your mowing experience smoother and easier.

Petrol Rotary Comparison Chart

ModelWeight (kg)Capacity (ltr)Width (cm)Power (hp/w/v)Cost (£)
Admiral 162543405hp N/A
Admiral 16S2743405hp N/A
Admiral 16SE3043405hp N/A
Harrier 4133.453415hp N/A
Harrier 4846.570485hp N/A
Harrier 5649.570565.5hp N/A
Hayterette330464.5hp N/A
LC4002040403.5hp N/A
LC400PD2240403.5hp N/A
Motif 413150413.5hp N/A
Motif 4831.859483.5hp N/A
Motif 533659536hp N/A
Quicksilver 40S2550403.5hp N/A
Quicksilver 46S2550463.5hp N/A
Quicksilver 46SD27.750464hp N/A
Quicksilver 46SDR2850464hp N/A
Quicksilver 5145HW4160514.5hp N/A
Quicksilver 5160HW4360516hp N/A
Ranger 4133.553415hp N/A
Ranger 4834.558485hp N/A
Ranger 533660535hp N/A
Viscount 193360485hp N/A
Viscount 19SE3660485hp N/A

Flymo QUICKSILVER 46S User Reviews

15 July 2012

3 stars

This was the second Flymo 46s I have bought - at Homebase. Cheap, does the job, and will last four or five years with minimum maintenance. Probably worth getting it serviced every other year to get more mileage. Service will cost £60 but a lot more if you need anything more than a spark plug. It is sitting outside on a go slow and I will need to decide - service or bin it and get another.

By Colin LG

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