Flymo QUICKSILVER 46SDR Specification

Quicksilver 46sdr
  • Average Rating: 3 stars
  • Manufacturer: Flymo
  • Model: Quicksilver 46SDR
  • Suitable For: > 30ft Lawns
  • Type: Petrol
  • Design: Rotary
  • Weight: 28kg
  • Grassbox Capacity: 50litres
  • Cut Width: 46cm
  • Power: 4hp
  • Self Propelled: Yes
  • Best Price: £ N/A
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Flymo QUICKSILVER 46SDR Description

The Flymo Quicksilver 46SDR is a self-propelled lawnmower, upgraded from the 46SD model with a rear roller, perfect for creating a beautifully striped lawn, together with providing extra stability when mowing close to the lawn edge.

A powerful 4hp Briggs & Stratton petrol engine delivers 2900 watts at maximum RPM, allowing the Quicksilver 46SDR to easily handle the thickest of grass. Cordless usage is obviously a further advantage of the petrol engine, giving the operator the freedom to roam without getting tangled up in electrical cable.

Flymo Quicksilver 46SDR RollerThe Flymo Quicksilver 46SDR is also easy to store, the folding handles save space around your garden shed. In addition, the handles have a soft grip material improving the comfort of the operator.

Whether you require a short cut, or want to leave some length on your lawn, the Flymo Quicksilver 46SDR should deliver, featuring an extended range of cutting height between 1.7cm to 6.5cm, available in 6 steps.

The large 50 litre grass box featured on the Quicksilver 46SDR saves time by reducing emptying trips. In addition, as with all Flymo models, practicality has been considered throughout the design, making it easy to detach, empty and refit in seconds.

Ball bearings are fitted in the wheels which reduce friction when pushing, to help make your mowing experience smoother and easier.

Petrol Rotary Comparison Chart

ModelWeight (kg)Capacity (ltr)Width (cm)Power (hp/w/v)Cost (£)
Admiral 162543405hp N/A
Admiral 16S2743405hp N/A
Admiral 16SE3043405hp N/A
Harrier 4133.453415hp N/A
Harrier 4846.570485hp N/A
Harrier 5649.570565.5hp N/A
Hayterette330464.5hp N/A
LC4002040403.5hp N/A
LC400PD2240403.5hp N/A
Motif 413150413.5hp N/A
Motif 4831.859483.5hp N/A
Motif 533659536hp N/A
Quicksilver 40S2550403.5hp N/A
Quicksilver 46S2550463.5hp N/A
Quicksilver 46SD27.750464hp N/A
Quicksilver 46SDR2850464hp N/A
Quicksilver 5145HW4160514.5hp N/A
Quicksilver 5160HW4360516hp N/A
Ranger 4133.553415hp N/A
Ranger 4834.558485hp N/A
Ranger 533660535hp N/A
Viscount 193360485hp N/A
Viscount 19SE3660485hp N/A

Flymo QUICKSILVER 46SDR User Reviews

15 August 2013

3 stars

A very good product and works very well on my lawn that is too bumpy for a hover. Packs very far, and the grass box is well desniged, unlike my previous Flymo where the box is dropped all the time. Only one or two things to stop it from being perfect (1) the cable is too short to reach the end of my small lawn, and (2) is a cable, if you cut through it, that my wife does normally, I do not 'know if you can not replace it or not.

By Hendry

22 May 2011

1 stars

What a useles piece of machinery! All of the bad points mentiojned happened to me, Height adjustment sheared off, both handles attaching to bas had to be repalced as they sherared, collection basket not strong enough and kept seperating, self-drive chain brokew as a result of covers breaking off. Shall I go on. Not cheap but still nasty.

By John O'Byrne

16 May 2011

4 stars

very good for the price, easy to start,the only thing that lets it down is the wheels not realy up to the job, but saying that my lawns are very rough not your bowling green .

By Steve Tame

16 August 2009

4 stars

1) Light and easy to handle.
2) Powerfull engine that enables long grass to be cut at the middle length setting(quite short).
3) Groves cut in the drive roller give good traction.
4) Starts very easilly especially when warm.
5) Very economical.

1) Plastic side guards on the roller break off very easilly exposing the drive chain.
2) Mower height adjuster handle sticks out to far causing it to snag.
3) Mower is a bit light to leave clear stripes.
4) Only one speed there is no throttle.
5) Safety handle needs to be pulled in to start the mower so every time you have to empty the grass you need to stop the mower(the blade starts automatically so if you tied the handle back you could easily lose a hand).

I would recomend this mower to people on a budget. I was impressed with how it cut over three weeks growth of grass quite easily. Most of the bad points you could put up with if your not too fussy.

By Eyeball

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