Flymo ROLLER COMPACT 3400 Specification

Roller Compact 3400
  • Average Rating: 2.5 stars
  • Manufacturer: Flymo
  • Model: Roller Compact 3400
  • Suitable For: 15ft - 30ft Lawns
  • Type: Electric
  • Design: Rotary
  • Weight: 15.1kg
  • Grassbox Capacity: 28litres
  • Cut Width: 34cm
  • Power: 1500watts
  • Self Propelled: No
  • Best Price: £ N/A
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Flymo ROLLER COMPACT 3400 Description

Almost identical to the Roller Compact 340, apart from a longer cable reach, and heavier weight, the Flymo Roller Compact 3400 is also a mid-range model suitable for dealing with medium sized lawns.

The Flymo Roller Compact 3400 features a 28 litre grass box which compacts more grass than a conventional lawnmower would, reducing emptying times. The grass box also features a vision window, allowing you to keep an eye on the remaining capacity.

With its compact design, the Flymo Roller Compact 3400 is easy to store, and manoeuvrable around the lawn. There's a quick and easy height adjustment lever, giving you the option of 5 cutting heights between 2cm and 7.5cm.

The powerful 1500 watt electic motor slashes through grass effectively, and the integrated rear roller can create the striped lawn look you desire. A 34 cm cutting width and 12 metre cable length provide the perfect balance for dealing with medium sized lawns.

Electric Rotary Comparison Chart

ModelWeight (kg)Capacity (ltr)Width (cm)Power (hp/w/v)Cost (£)
Easi Trak 3207.428321000w N/A
Easimo9.52932900w N/A
Envoy2239361400w N/A
Pac a mow13.829331000w N/A
Power Trak 341240341200w N/A
Power Trak 34001240341200w N/A
Power Trak 40012.650401700w N/A
Roller Compact 34013.528341500w N/A
Roller Compact 340015.128341500w N/A
Roller Compact 40015.336401600w N/A
Roller Compact 400015.933401600w N/A
Rollermo9.529321000w N/A
Rotak 326.631321200w N/A
Rotak 320721321000w N/A
Rotak 341140341400w129.99
Rotak 34 Ergoflex10.540341400w N/A
Rotak 3611.240361400w N/A
Rotak 37li13.9403736v N/A
Rotak 4013.250401700w N/A
Rotak 4313.550431700w179.99
Rotak 43li14.7504336v N/A
Spirit 413055411500w N/A
Visimo9.529321200w N/A

Flymo ROLLER COMPACT 3400 User Reviews

28 September 2013

4 stars

Had one for years (over 6 years now, stopped counting) and it is still doing its job well. The on/off button did finally give up but I just have to plug it on/off and it works perfect. Would buy the same again.

By Caty

30 April 2013

3 stars

I loved this machine which did its job well - until after 4 years of moderate usage the engine suddenly gave up in a puff of black smoke...

By Alice

12 September 2009

1 stars

Terrible. Grass everywhere. Motor burned out after 13 months..

By Neil

2 June 2009

1 stars

Terrible, gets more grass inside than it collects in the collection box caused mine to overheat.

By Paul

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