Flymo VISION COMPACT 380 Specification

Vision Compact 380
  • Average Rating: 1.5 stars
  • Manufacturer: Flymo
  • Model: Vision Compact 380
  • Suitable For: 15ft - 30ft Lawns
  • Type: Electric
  • Design: Hover
  • Weight: 13kg
  • Grassbox Capacity: 40litres
  • Cut Width: 38cm
  • Power: 1700watts
  • Self Propelled: No
  • Best Price: £ N/A
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Flymo VISION COMPACT 380 Description

Flymo are famous for producing hover mowers, one of their engineers actually invented the concept, and this, the Flymo Vision Compact 380 is the largest, most powerful electric hover motor available from Flymo.

Despite being slightly on the heavy side, the Flymo Vision Compact 380 hovers efficiently. Its powerful 1700 watt electric motor delivers good performance, for both maintaining the air cushion and slashing through the longest of grass.

A wide 38cm cutting width gets the job done quicker, by slashing through more grass in a single pass. In addition, the large 40 litre grass collection box featured on the Flymo Vision Compact 380 minimises emptying trips, although it should be stated that as the box fills up, the hovering becomes less efficient due to the extra weight.

As featured on many Flymo models, the Easireel system reduces the chances of you getting tangled up in electrical cable, allowing you to store the 15 metre cable easily.

Cutting heights are selectable, between 1.2cm and 3.2cm, offering the flexibility to control the final grass length.

In summary, the Flymo Vision Compact 380 is suitable for the average domestic gardener with a small or medium sized lawn. The hover mower performs better when on a constant gradient, so if your garden has many bumps and uneven areas, a hover mower is perhaps not the best solution for you.

Electric Hover Comparison Chart

ModelWeight (kg)Capacity (ltr)Width (cm)Power (hp/w/v)Cost (£)
Hover Compact 3007.620301400w N/A
Hover Vac6.51528900w N/A
Micro Lite4.50281000w N/A
Mow n Vac6.51528900w N/A
Turbo 4007.50401500w N/A
Turbo Compact 33011.530331500w N/A
Turbo Lite 3306.50331150w N/A
Turbo Lite 3507.50351400w N/A
Vision Compact 33011.730331500w N/A
Vision Compact 35011.730351550w N/A
Vision Compact 3801340381700w N/A

Flymo VISION COMPACT 380 User Reviews

6 July 2013

1 stars

Hate this machine does not collect the cuttings hard to push. Would not get another, have to keep going over the grass with mower to collect cuttings.

By R K

27 September 2010

2 stars

I bought my Flymo 380 from B&Q a week ago but I have taken it back and got a refund.
The mower cut the grass fairly well, apart from the edges; the grass-box was easy to empty; and the built-in cable-reel worked ok. But there were too many bad points. The grass collection was very poor – grass cuttings and shredded leaves were spewed out across the lawn and paths, leaving an unsightly mess. And as the grass-box filled up and increased in weight, the mower no longer hovered but sat down on the lawn and was hard to push. The mower was heavy to maneouvre or carry, and it also stopped hovering at the edges of the lawn where it scalped the grass. In short, this mower might be suitable for a level lawn that is surrounded by flagstones at the same level, providing you don’t mind sweeping some grass cuttings and/or shredded leaves off your paths. You would also need to be strong enough to carry the mower about, though the rollers at the front are a help if you raise the back of the machine to ‘wheel’ it along the paths. Otherwise, buy a lawn mower that sucks up the grass and blows it into the collection box. In other words don’t buy a hover mower! PS: my previous mower cut my lawns in half the time and collected almost all the grass cuttings and leaves, with much less effort – until it died.

By Ken Jackson

25 August 2010

1 stars

Bought my Flymo 380 1 Month ago and have tried to change it at B&Q for all the reasons listed above, principally all the grass that is cut does not find it's way into the collection box, within minutes there are grass cuttings all over the outside of the machine, back on the lawn itself and on all my borders. Regretably I lost my receipt and, even though I could show my Credit Card Receipt and the Gurantee Card, B&Q maintained that this did not prove that the money I had spent with them was for this Mower.


3 June 2010

3 stars

I have just bought a Vision 380(nearly new)and found that it performs just as well as the other two flymo's that I have owned.The grass collection does not seem to work very well but the grass is cut adequately when dry.Flymo could have improved these mowers in so many ways,i.e the screws could have been stainless steel thus avoiding rusting and it wouldn't have cost any extra.The mower due to it's weight,could have had hand holds to pick it up.Lastly a pet gripe of mine is the way Flymo hide their screws behind the Flymo's stickers so stop you taking the thing apart!!!!

By Tony Peel

3 August 2009

1 stars

I agree with all the points made below, it takes ages to cut the grass because this is such a poor quality lawnmower, should be classed as a toy!

By Stuart

22 June 2009

1 stars

I have bought one of these mowers they are absolutly rubbish. They dont cut the grass properly and do not collect the grass is just blows it everywhere poor design and poor lawn mower would not recommend this mower to anyone whatsoever.

By Alison Cunliffe

24 March 2009

1 stars

I have found my Flymo 380 mower absolutely useless!! It cuts the grass ok but if its even slightly wet the cuttings stick to the underside and then are deposited at regular intervals on the lawn in great big clumps so I then have to rake them up!! When the grass is dry the cuttings are not picked up very well and fly about all over the place meaning a lot of sweeping up every time the grass is cut. I would not recommend this mower to anyone.

By Aly Archer

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