Hayter ENVOY Specification

  • Average Rating: 2 stars
  • Manufacturer: Hayter
  • Model: Envoy
  • Suitable For: 15ft - 30ft Lawns
  • Type: Electric
  • Design: Rotary
  • Weight: 22kg
  • Grassbox Capacity: 39litres
  • Cut Width: 36cm
  • Power: 1400watts
  • Self Propelled: No
  • Best Price: £ N/A
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Hayter ENVOY Description

You get a real feel of quality and robustness from the Hayter Envoy, this electric rotary lawnmower is a little on the expensive side when compared to similar lawnmowers in its class, but the build quality is second to none.

Many lawnmowers sound more like small tractors when slashing through grass, but the Hayter Envoy features a powerful 1400 watt induction motor which gives a quieter and smoother performance than a conventional mower.

The Hayter Envoy also includes an integrated split rear roller for that striped finish you desire.

If storage is a real headache for you, fear not, the Hayter Envoy has folding handles for compact packing away.

In addition, the Hayter envoy features a comfortable full width on/off switch, front fins which improve the cut quality, and a smooth underside for better collection and noise reduction.

The height is adjustable between 1.3cm and 6cm, allowing you to achieve your desired grass length.

A 36 cm cutting width, 17 metre cable, and large 38.5 litre grass collection box make the Hayter Envoy perfect for the average domestic gardener with a small or medium sized lawn.

Electric Rotary Comparison Chart

ModelWeight (kg)Capacity (ltr)Width (cm)Power (hp/w/v)Cost (£)
Easi Trak 3207.428321000w N/A
Easimo9.52932900w N/A
Envoy2239361400w N/A
Pac a mow13.829331000w N/A
Power Trak 341240341200w N/A
Power Trak 34001240341200w N/A
Power Trak 40012.650401700w N/A
Roller Compact 34013.528341500w N/A
Roller Compact 340015.128341500w N/A
Roller Compact 40015.336401600w N/A
Roller Compact 400015.933401600w N/A
Rollermo9.529321000w N/A
Rotak 326.631321200w N/A
Rotak 320721321000w N/A
Rotak 341140341400w129.99
Rotak 34 Ergoflex10.540341400w N/A
Rotak 3611.240361400w N/A
Rotak 37li13.9403736v N/A
Rotak 4013.250401700w N/A
Rotak 4313.550431700w179.99
Rotak 43li14.7504336v N/A
Spirit 413055411500w N/A
Visimo9.529321200w N/A

Hayter ENVOY User Reviews

10 January 2014

1 stars

I fully concur with the comments of J Hamilton, Oct 2011 - If the grass is long, damp or both this machine just can't cope. On a lawn 20ft x 30ft its not unusual for me to have to disconnect the machine from the mains and clear the jammed grass duct 4 or 5 times. Please !!! will it break soon so I can get a better mower - one to avoid at all costs.

By M Walker

18 October 2011

1 stars

Will only cut grass if it is dry and short. That is, almost never. Any length or dampness, and it clogs up immediately - as a reviewer noted, the failure is in the design with the high clipping catcher and a sloping floor, grass always tends to fall back onto the blades.

Avoid this one like the plague.

By J Hamilton

16 July 2011

1 stars

I've had this mower for almost 8 years. Yes it's never failed, but it doesn't collect grass very well, needs emptying once the box is half full, cannot cut even damp grass without clogging up. Problem lies with the high lift from cutting edge to collection box - it struggles to push the grass up to the box. Front wheel axle bends easily giving uneven cut.

By John

14 July 2011

5 stars

I have just purchased my second "Envoy" mower,the first one is still going strong,but,it has done a lot of work,but has never let me down, they are the best,and, anyone who gives them a bad review dont know how to use them.

By Harry .r

9 May 2011

5 stars

i do wonder about some people
its to heavy ??? its a full size machine and in comparison to flymo and the bosch rotak yes its a little heavyer but why does it matter its designed to be pushed around the garden not carried.
i work for a garden machinery centre and have many happy customers that own a envoy yes there may be the odd time they fail as with every make but thats life.
would sugest to people buying a new machine go to somewhere you can look at the actual machine rather than just buying a box.

By Daz

22 April 2011

1 stars

want to make ur blood boil ?? get one of these, the worst lawn mower ever made. looks good, cant even pick up dry grass. happy to say it met it end to my sledge hammer :)

By Lewis

17 July 2009

1 stars

I bought a Hayter Envoy two years ago. It is extremely heavy but does a fine job....when it works. It has been the most unreliable lawnmower I have ever bought and after two short years, I am told that repair costs are more that the cost of replacement. Needless to say, I will not be buying another machine from Hayter, and nor should anyone else.

By Paul Turner

2 June 2009

1 stars

I've also had loads of problems with this lawn mower..... very disappointed.

By Kevin

23 October 2008

1 stars

This is absolutely the worst lawnmower ever designed and built by this respected company. Which kind of makes it worse! Well made and quiet but spews clipping all over your lawn and will not fill the collection bin more than 10%. As for cutting damp grass - forget it. Don't waste your money, this one's a lemon!!

By G Pennells

17 October 2008

1 stars

This mower is absolute rubbish. Don't waste your money!!

By Hornpipe

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