Qualcast PANTHER 380 Specification

Panther 380
  • Average Rating: 5 stars
  • Manufacturer: Qualcast
  • Model: Panther 380
  • Suitable For: < 15ft Lawns
  • Type: Hand
  • Design: Cylinder
  • Weight: 7kg
  • Grassbox Capacity: 25litres
  • Cut Width: 38cm
  • Power: Hand
  • Self Propelled: No
  • Best Price: £119.99
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Qualcast PANTHER 380 Description

The Qualcast Panther 380 is the big brother of the Panther 30. With a larger cutting width of 38cm, a larger grass box capacity of 25 litres and the same advantages of cordless usage, the Qualcast Panther 380 is ideal for small, remote areas.

As the mower is pushed along, the wheels drive gears which rapidly spin the cylinder mechanism, shearing the grass in a scissor-like motion.

Qualcast Panther 380 (rear)The 8cm increased cutting width cuts more grass in one pass, allowing you to finish the job faster, making the Panther 380 more suitable for medium sized lawns. Weighing 7kg mean it's still light enough for you to send the children out to earn their pocket money. The Qualcast Panther 380 also has a compact design maing it easy to store away.

Qualcast Panther 380 (side) Again, no matter what your length requirements, the Qualcast Panther 380 provides flexibility. The cutting height is adjustable from 1.2cm to 4cm, allowing you to achieve your desired length cut.

The tried and tested Qualcast cylinder design provides the cleanest cut possible.

In Summary, if you're considering the Panther 30, it could be worth spending that little bit extra on the Panther 380. It gives you a larger cutting width to get the job done quicker, and maintains all the advantages of cordless usage. The Panther 380 is only 500g heavier than its little brother so still light enough to carry and push around with ease.

All Qualcast Panther 380 models come with a two year parts and labour guarantee, from the manufacturers.

Hand Cylinder Comparison Chart

ModelWeight (kg)Capacity (ltr)Width (cm)Power (hp/w/v)Cost (£)
Panther 306.52030hand N/A
Panther 38072538hand119.99

Qualcast PANTHER 380 User Reviews

4 August 2010

5 stars

Excellent Hand Mower and very convenient. Brought one for my daughter to use on her small lawn and went straight back and got one for my bigger lawn and resigned my petrol mower to the shed for the summer.


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