electric Lawnmowers

If your lawn demands a little more power than a basic hand lawnmower can provide, it's time to consider an electric lawnmower. They come in three main types: rotary, hover and cylinder. Please select your choice of electric lawnmower from the menu on the left.

Rotary mowers use a single electric motor mounted vertically on the lawnmower base. The electric motor drives cutting blades which rotate 360 degrees parallel to the lawn surface, thus cutting the grass in a slashing-like motion.

Hover lawnmowers are equipped with a turbine which is positioned above the cutting blade. This turbine drives air downwards, thus creating an air cushion which lifts the lawnmower above the ground like a hovercraft.

Cylinder lawnmowers use a fixed horizontal cutting blade which is positioned just off the surface of the ground. Over this is a fast spinning cylinder of blades. The spinning cylinder forces grass past the fixed horizontal blade, thus shearing the grass in a scissor-like motion.

All three types of electrical lawnmower have the same advantages and disadvantages, when compared to hand and petrol alternatives. They offer a good compromise in power, packing more punch than a handmower, but not as much as a petrol lawnmower.

In addition, electric lawnmowers (being electric) obviously need a power source, either an outdoor power supply, or an extension running from inside the house. Electrical lawnmowers typically have long cables to extend their reach around the lawn, anything from 10m to 20m cable length can be found on most models. It's important to make sure the cable reach is suitable for your lawn size.

For electrical lawnmowers, an RCD (Residual Current Device) circuit breaker is very important. This device can detect surges in power when cables are damaged, and immediately cuts the power supply. A potential life saver.