hand Lawnmowers

Throw away your petrol cans and wrap up your electric cables! if you opt for a hand lawnmower you certainly wont be needing them. Please select your choice of hand lawnmower from the menu on the left.

Due to their simple design, hand lawnmowers are lightweight, easy to use, and cheap. As the mower is manually pushed along, the wheels drive gears which rapidly spin a cylinder mechanism, shearing the grass in a scissor-like motion. Hand lawnmowers tend to be very manoueverable making them particulary good for dealing with small to medium sized lawns.

No electric cables or hot petrol engines makes mowing the lawn childs play. In fact, with hand lawnmowers being so safe and easy to use, why not get your children to do the work? A hand mower gives you peace of mind that children can earn their pocket money in a safe environment, with minimum supervision.

Hand lawnmowers offer the additional benefit of being wireless, so are particularly useful for remote lawns, where an external power supply is a problem.

However, if you have a large lawn then a hand lawnmower is perhaps not the ideal solution for you. Hand lawnmowers generally have a smaller cutting width, which means they take longer to get the job done, especially on large gardens.

If you're looking for a basic hand mower, you can't go far wrong with the Qualcast Panther. It comes in two models: The Qualcast Panther 30 and the Qualcast Panther 380. The 30 model has a cutting width of 30cm, and a grassbox capacity of 20 litres, the 380 is slightly larger, with a cutting width of 38cm and a grass box capacity of 25 litres.

Lawnmower Comparison Chart

ModelWeight (kg)Capacity (ltr)Width (cm)Power (hp/w/v)Cost (£)
Panther 306.52030hand N/A
Panther 38072538hand N/A

Panther 30

Panther 30

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Panther 380

Panther 380

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